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Anthem Security Beach Credit Monitoring Service

In light of the recent cyber attache Anthem, Inc. expereinced, Anthem Blue Corss is making every effort to further secure member data. Credit monitoring and identity protection services will be provided free of charge so that those who have been affected can have peace of mind. Services will include the following:

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Anthem Security Breach Client & Broker FAQs


Employer Toolkit -FAQ for Employees Broker Toolkit -FAQ for Member Security Breach FAQs

Anthem Cyber Attack_2-06-2015 copy

Anthem Blue Cross Cyber Attack

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BRMS was notified yesterday that Anthem, Inc., was the victim of a highly-sophisticated cyber attack. Anthem has informed us that its member data was accessed, and could include that of our employees. We are working closely with Anthem to better understand the impact on its members. Here is what we do know: Once Anthem determined … Continue Reading

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New Year’s Resolution Guide

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For many of us, New Year’s resolutions are grandly made and easily broken. Why? Because a resolution is just that – a decision. To make a life change, you need more than a decision. You need a plan. The plan is the guide to put your decision into action so that you can reach your … Continue Reading

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January is Cervical Health Awareness Month

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Each year, an estimated 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and, of those, about one-third will die as a result of the cancer. But cervical cancer is also a highly preventable and treatable cancer, thanks to improved screening and vaccination. The American Social Health Association (ASHA) and the National Cervical Cancer Coalition have named … Continue Reading

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Winter Weather Workouts

Four months of severe winter weather can make outdoor exercise difficult – imagine a winter of six months or longer. Some places, often experience sub-freezing temperatures from mid-October well into March or April. Winter activities can be enjoyed by people across the United States – all you need is the right equipment…and sometimes a little … Continue Reading

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The Flu Shot Isn’t Working Well This Winter

People who got a flu shot this winter are only 23% less likely to get the flu than someone who didn’t get the vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a new report Thursday. The CDC had predicted the season would be a bad one after most of the samples taken … Continue Reading

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BRMS Supports Local Firefighters

This last month has been a busy one for local firefighters. The King Fire started on Saturday, September 13 on Forebay Road near Polluck Pines, about 60 miles northeast of Sacramento. As the fire rapidly grew, the water supplies for the firefighters were starting to run low. On September 18, a local radio station, 100.5, … Continue Reading

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90 Day Waiting Period for Health Care Coverage Update

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed legislation that once again changes the health care landscape for California employers who offer health insurance to their employees. Previously, employers in California who offered group health plans could implement a maximum waiting period of 60 calendar days before a new employee would be eligible to participate in the employer … Continue Reading

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Ebola: Questions & Answers

The current Ebola outbreak is centered on three countries in West Africa: Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, although there is the potential for further spread to neighboring African countries. Ebola does not pose a significant risk to the U.S. public. The CDC is surging resources by sending 50 more workers to the area to help bring … Continue Reading

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