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December 2010

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Obesity Health Hazards

Obesity Health Hazards

More and more adults and children are overweight, but do Americans worry about the problem? According to a recent survey conducted for the American Public Health Association, more than four in five Americans are concerned about childhood obesity and three in four Americans are concerned about obesity in adults. The survey also reveals that Americans … Continue Reading

Nutrition and Diet
Spice Up Your Cardio

Spice Up Your Cardio

Fitness and Exercise

The cold weather often makes outdoor exercise miserable, if not impossible. IF you’ve headed indoors and found yourself bored to tears on gym machines, there is a way you can spice things up a bit. When doing cardio, your only concern is getting your heart rate into your target heart rate zone. As long as … Continue Reading

Weight Management: What Works & What Doesn’t

Weight Management

The television show The Biggest Loser encourages viewers to lose copious amounts of weight in order to live longer (and compete for the top prize). But fitness professionals know all too well that even when clients achieve their weight loss goals, the trick is keeping the pounds off. To determine which, if any, weight loss … Continue Reading