Benefit & Risk Management Services (BRMS), a Third Party Benefits Administrator, announced Monday the release of their newly enchanced Provider Gateway, a HIPAA-compliant, web-based connectivity solution for providers available at

The Provider Gateway, developed by BRMS, is a unique web application designed for providers to quickly access and request member information specific by Provider NPI/TIN.

“The Provider Gateway tool gives providers a user-friendly application in which providers can manage member’s information.” said Matthew Schafer, Chief Executive Officer of BRMS. “Designed to adapt to the changing healthcare industry, the new Provider Gateway will streamline the claims process and alleviate delays in eligibility, claims and medical request inquires and submissions by providing authorized providers access to a self service application.”

The Provider Gateway is now available for providers to register online at any time by using the provider registration feature. Once registered, providers are now able to:

  • Confirm member eligibility
  • Manage provider accounts/create users
  • Review claims by member and/or provider
  • Request an inquiry on a specific claim
  • Review medical requests
  • Initiate a new medical request and
  • Review medical request letter details

To access Provider Gateway please go to

BRMS understands that the need for internet-based applications is greater than ever in the always changing healthcare environment. With new Health Care Reform laws going into effect, BRMS will continue to grow and adapt so that employers and providers can rest easy as we move into a new marketplace.

For more information please contact us at 888-326-2555.

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