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Winter Workout at Home!

The 10 Best Indoor At Home Exercises & Workouts Without Equipment Some days, it’s just really difficult to go outside, especially in the winter months. It can be rainy or cold, and the sun may already set by the time you get off work. So what are you going to do to get some exercise, … Continue Reading

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Everything You Can Do To Avoid The Flu

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While there’s no way to guarantee complete immunity, these practical tips could be your saving grace until spring. With the more than 74,560 lab-confirmed flu cases in the U.S., according to data collected by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and perfectly healthy adults dying from flu complications days after their symptoms begin, this flu season seems particularly … Continue Reading

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Strong Men Put Their Heart Health First

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The perfect gift this Valentine’s Day is the gift of heart health. Along with Valentine’s Day, February marks American Heart Month, a great time to commit to a healthy lifestyle and make small changes that can lead to a lifetime of heart health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. … Continue Reading

Birth defects

Raising Birth Defect Awareness

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How to Reduce Your Risks of Birth Defects We know that the vast majority of babies are born healthy, but every pregnant woman has a nagging “What if…?” That question being, of course, “What if my baby has some sort of birth defect or health problem?” The increase in prenatal screening has significantly reduced the … Continue Reading


The Subtle Signs of a Thyroid Disorder

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Problems with estrogen and testosterone, the body’s main sex hormones, tend to attract widespread public interest. But we might all be better off paying more attention to a far more common endocrine disorder: abnormal levels of thyroid hormone. Thyroid disorders can affect a wide range of bodily functions and cause an array of confusing and … Continue Reading

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10 Tips For Winter Wellness

1. Go for a walk even when the weather is really cold – your body has to work overtime to get warm and you may burn up to 50% more calories than you would on the same walk in summer! But remember, go a little slower until you get warm and keep up the hydration. … Continue Reading

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Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate cancer – which develops in the walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder – is the second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer. It’s a slow-growing cancer that most often affects men over age 65, and it’s highly treatable when diagnosed early. Prevention and detection What causes prostate cancer is still unknown, so it’s … Continue Reading

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The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Nutrition is important for health. An unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, cause weight gain and even affect organs such as your heart and liver. What you eat also affects the health of another organ — your skin. As more is learned about how diet affects the body, it’s becoming increasingly clear that what you … Continue Reading

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Lung Cancer Statistics

In preparation for November, which is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to provide you with some recent Lung Cancer Statistics! How common is lung cancer? Lung cancer (both small cell and non-small cell) is the second most common cancer in both men and women (not counting skin cancer). In men, prostate cancer is more common, while … Continue Reading

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10 Natural Depression Treatments

Being depressed can make you feel helpless. You’re not. Along with therapy and sometimes medication, there’s a lot you can do on your own to fight back. Changing your behavior — your physical activity, lifestyle, and even your way of thinking — are all natural depression treatments. These tips can help you feel better — starting right … Continue Reading

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