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The Expanding Waistline

Who is to Blame? According to the CDC, obesity is now the #1 health threat in the United States. The epidemic now affects more than 60 percent of Americans. Restaurant industry experts said that consumers have a personal responsibility for the foods they select to eat while dining out. The also said most menus now … Continue Reading

Nutrition and Diet
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Holiday Toy Safety


Selecting Safe Toys for Your Child As families gather for the holidays, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers that dangerous children’s products may still be in their homes. Grandparents dust off old playpens; older children often share their toys with younger relatives; and keepsakes are stored in old cedar chests. The … Continue Reading

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Health and Healthcare

Adequate Sleep Facts about: Adequate Sleep Sleep is the most important aspect of your health. You could go 60 days without eating, but you can’t go 4 days without sleep. 8 hours is about average sleep each night for most people. Let the body determine when it has had enough sleep. The best thing you … Continue Reading

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Holiday Food Safety

Safety, Wellness

Out with the Old, In with the New: Home Food Safety Traditions Reckless Thawing Old Habit: More than one out of four Americans admit to thawing their frozen turkey or other main meat dish on the kitchen counter, in the oven or even under hot water in the kitchen sink. New Tradition:To present the spread … Continue Reading

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Recipe: Cooking a Healthy Turkey

Nutrition and Diet

Roasted Turkey with Balsamic Brown Sugar Sauce Dietitian’s Tip Instead of adding fat during cooking and serving the turkey covered with gravy, this roasted bird is complemented with a refreshing, aged Italian vinegar-brown sugar sauce. Serves 10 Ingredients 1 whole turkey (about 15 pounds), thawed 1 tablespoon olive oil 4 springs of fresh rosemary 3 … Continue Reading

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Cold or Flu? What to do?

Tried-and-true home remedies can help you feel better when you find yourself “under the weather” with a cold or the flu. And a few over-the-counter medications can help relieve nasty symptoms. The first question is; do you have a cold or the flu? Chances are, if you had a flu shot, you don’t have influenza. … Continue Reading

Health and Healthcare
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Fruit for Healthy Living

As anyone with diabetes knows, eating lots of fruit can raise your blood sugar levels. The sweet taste is a reward that often encourages us to eat more. We are encouraged to have at least four servings each day, not including juice, and most fruits will be converted into blood sugar. Knowing the right amount … Continue Reading

Nutrition and Diet
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8 Easy Ways to Exercise

If you are finding that you don’t have enough time to exercise due to a busy work or home life, there are techniques that you can use throughout the day that will accelerate your weight loss. Most of these can be done just about anywhere and only require a few extra minutes. 1. Take the … Continue Reading

Fitness and Exercise
COBRA Subsities

COBRA Subsidies End? Maybe Not!

Yesterday the Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) published notice on its website regarding the apparent cessation of COBRA subsidies. Since eligibility for the COBRA/ARRA subsidy ceased as of May 31, 2010, it would seem no one would be eligible for the 15 month subsidy beyond August 31, 2011.  The Exception EBSA cites … Continue Reading

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A Simple Guide to Ergonomics

The term “ergonomics” is derived from tow Greek words: “ergon”, meaning work and “nomoi”, meaning natural laws. Ergonomists study human capabilities in relationship to work demands. In recent years, ergonomists have attempted to define postures which minimize unnecessary static work and reduce the forces acting on the body. All of us could significantly reduce our … Continue Reading

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