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National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month

When it comes to national days of observation, you probably aren’t familiar with the yearly anniversary of National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month (NCCAPM). Heck, it’s a lot of work just to say it! Understanding its importance, however, is something we believe you’ll find relatable as a parent. After all, thousands of children … Continue Reading

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Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

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Beat the heat and hit your workout hard with these summertime tips! Warmer, sunny days are finally here, but after exercising in cooler Spring temps, hot and humid 80-degree days can feel overwhelming. Running, biking, hiking, even walking feels harder in the heat, so here are some tips to help you get through your Summer … Continue Reading

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Connect to These 7 Tips for Social Wellness Month

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These days, it seems the word “social” means jumping in front of a smartphone or computer to engage in social media. However, there are benefits to real human contact. In fact, research from the University of Minnesota finds that living in isolation is as bad for your health as smoking or high blood pressure. July is social wellness month, … Continue Reading

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Six Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer!

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Summer means a time for surfing, sand, barbeques, pool parties and the occasional getaway. Many of these plans are also an open invitation for you to get sick, especially if you are traveling our lounging outside. If any of your summer plans revolve around these activities, here are 6 ways you can ensure you stay … Continue Reading

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The Fourth Firework Safety!

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Fireworks are a staple for Fourth of July celebrations in the U.S. The thrill of fireworks, however, can be dangerous. On average, 230 people visit the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the weeks around July 4. Most of these injuries are to the hands and fingers. Fireworks can also cause serious injuries … Continue Reading

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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month

According to the American Cancer Society, about 11,280 people will be diagnosed with sarcoma this year and slightly more men than women develop soft tissue sarcoma. Sarcomas are cancers that are much more likely to affect children and young adults than many other more common cancers. Sarcoma is a very rare disease. Due to its rarity, … Continue Reading

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Sign Up to Attend the BRMS 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament!

Are you interested in playing in BRMS’ upcoming 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Serrano Country Club in El Dorado Hills, CA on Monday August 28, 2017? Come join us for a day of golf and fun all while contributing to two excellent causes. Registration begins at 9:30am with a shotgun start to the tournament … Continue Reading

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Summer Sun Safety

5 ways to protect yourself from the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes. Follow these recommendations to help protect yourself and your family. Shade You can reduce your risk of skin damage and skin cancer by seeking shade under an umbrella, tree, or other shelter … Continue Reading

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10 Tips For Work Safety

June is National Safety Month. Staying healthy and safe at work is important. No matter what your job, it is important to reduce your risks of injury and illness at work. Here are some tips to help make your workplace safe. Understand the risks. Once you know the particular hazards of your job or workplace, you can … Continue Reading

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Celebrate Global Wellness Day!

What is Global Wellness Day? All of us would like be healthier, to look better, and to live well both physically and spiritually. Living well is almost the entire world’s shared dream. As everything that is precious to us has been honored with a special day, why is it that we don’t have a special … Continue Reading

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